Jed Bellefeuille

New Terrain Brewing Company

Jed Bellefeuille
New Terrain Brewing Company

New Terrain Brewing: 16401 Table Mountain Pkwy, Golden, CO

I drank: Lost, a flavorful and refreshing IPA with a beautiful hop profile, perfect on a hot day.

She drank: A taster flight which showcased some of their highlights, from IPA’s to sours, everything was nice.

We came here because one of our best friends, Caitlin, lives in Denver and hand picked a few breweries for us to check out on our day long layover before going to Ireland. She really hooked it up with a few great spots, but we started in Golden at New Terrain. It is her favorite brewery to spend a few hours at, and I really can’t blame her!


First off, this facility is massive, but fits perfectly into the beauty that surrounds it. There are a few different places to grab a beer here, but the main area is a large, open tasting room that offers a bunch of seating options. There is a really cool counter seating area that is created when the “windows” are open, so you can have people sitting inside and outside while still enjoying everything the brewery has to offer.


While the taproom doesn’t offer food, there are a few rotating food cart options that are available just outside. We lucked out super hard and got to munch down on the delicious offerings from SOS Catering, a vegan food cart and catering company based out of Denver. The food they served was insanely good and kept us fueled up right for a big day of work and travel. The buffalo cauliflower was almost too good…


The patio at this brewery is massive. It can fit more people than most breweries can in their entire facilities. This means they are able to do live shows on their small stage, they can allow children to have space to play, there’s room for games, and most importantly, there are dogs everywhere! Almost every table outside had a dog (if not a few) and all of them were a bunch of fun with super friendly owners. The patio is lightly covered, so you’re protected from the elements, which is necessary when you are used to being farther from the sun than Denver is.


The main bar area is located directly next to the brewery and they have massive windows that allows dorks like me to stare awkwardly at grown adults doing their jobs. If you don’t mind looking like a dork, then you can get a great view of everything they do day to day. I also need to point out that the folks at the bar were massively understanding, friendly, and helpful for our entire stay.


Now technically, New Terrain is located outside of Denver, in a town well known for a certain other brewery. If you’ve never been to Golden, Colorado then you are missing out on some beautiful scenery and amazing outdoor sports. For example, there are mountain bike trails that come directly from the mountains and lead straight into New Terrain! If that isn’t perfection, then I don’t know what is. Don’t like bikes? Don’t worry, there are even spots for you to tie off your horses.


Go here for:

  1. Delicious beer options

  2. Killer food cart choices

  3. The friendly mountain atmosphere

  4. DOGS!

When you go, plan on hiking. Or biking. Or riding a horse, seeing some music, swimming in mountain lakes, climbing, and so much more.