Jed Bellefeuille

14er Brewing Co.

Jed Bellefeuille
14er Brewing Co.

14er Brewing Company: 2801 Walnut St unit a, Denver, CO

I drank: Hoppy French Saison, a really fun and interesting take on saison! Solid hop profile along with a unique flavor of pepper.

This brew pub was our final stop on the ultra brief Denver brewery tour. 14er offered us yet another fun and unique experience compared to all our other adventures. Walking up to the building was fun in itself, a big change from all the other stuff around it. They occupy an old brick building that doesn’t really stand out and they haven’t done much to outside of adding a couple signs and some taps, creating a very comfortable and welcoming space.


When we were there, they had a great mix of music going that covered some of my favorite beer drinking music including Sublime and Slightly Stoopid. On top of there being great music, they had a foosball table! I don’t know the last time I went into a brewery and saw a foosball table there, much less being used. The game that was happening during our time looked very intense, so I didn’t dare to interrupt for pictures.


If you’re going here to watch TV, be early. There is one TV in a small side room with a few couches for sitting, completely unoccupied while we were there. In my opinion, this place was meant for hanging out with friends, old and new, not watching a screen. That said, if you insist on watching a game or really anything else, they will make sure you are comfortable and happy.


The building isn’t on the main drag, but they are only a couple blocks away. With that little bit of distance, you really get a change of pace and environment, everything was just a bit more pleasant and fun in here. It’s a great place to be whether it starts or ends your night, the staff and customers were all wonderful to meet and talk to. There was even a crazy cute puppy hanging out with us, his name was Gus, no I didn’t get pictures because I was too trapped fawning over the adorable pooch.


14er isn’t currently brewing in this space, they are relying on the space at Crazy Mountain for now, but they’re getting close to having their own space! Also, I just love to point out the generosity of brewing culture that lets “competing” breweries use one another’s space and encourage their development. It isn’t often that we find such a supportive group of people all operating in the same market and I love it.


Go here for:

  1. Really unique takes on Saisons

  2. a low key and friendly vibe

  3. the young brewery experience, they’re only about a year in at this spot.

I can’t say enough good things about 14er, they were absolutely lovely to us and offered a wonderful experience. The local art that was hanging was beautiful and the staff was just my speed. This is the kind of place that is destined to succeed.

Cheers to the long run!