Jed Bellefeuille

Burnside Brewing Company

Jed Bellefeuille
Burnside Brewing Company

*Unfortunate note - Burnside Brewing is no longer in business

Burnside Brewing Company: 701 E Burnside St, Portland, OR

I drank: Hop In The Berry Patch, a bold and vibrant IPA with hints of boysenberry.

She drank: Cherry Cream Ale on nitro, rich and smooth with light cherry notes.

Burnside Brewing is a prime location right across the street from my favorite pizza in Portland. Being that they are on Burnside, they’re nice and close to tons of great places to eat and drink so prepare yourself. On top of all that, the people watching on Burnside is ALWAYS a treat!


When we visited the sun was out and the patio was beautiful. They have an ample amount of table seating with nice umbrella shade, giving you a great place to sit and watch the day float by. I love the old brewery feel that they have established even though they are less than ten years old, it’s a comfortable place that is warm and inviting.


Break in the post… I also drank: Fizzy Hands Session IPA, so light, clean, and crushable; definitely an all day kind of beer.

Now back to the “important” stuff.


The decor here was super eclectic and really keeps you on your toes! Certain things change seasonally, so you always have something new to look at. Also, there’s a canoe on the ceiling, so you have that to check out. They had some great local art hanging when we were there (couldn’t get pictures because of the sun).


There is one small tv in the pub and it’s small; the focus is strictly on the beers here. They do offer a small menu for snacks to go along with your beers though, and, on weekends they even have a brunch line up. The staff was super laid back and really friendly, making Burnside a great spot to hang out and keep things low key.


Go here for:

  1. The atmosphere

  2. People watching

  3. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuunch

We had a great time hanging out at Burnside and have already been back since. They treat people like family and will go out of their way to make you comfortable. Go here.