Jed Bellefeuille

Drygate Brewing Company

Jed Bellefeuille
Drygate Brewing Company

Drygate Brewing Company: 85 Drygate, Glasgow G4 0UT, UK

I drank: Seven Peaks, their flagship IPA which is smooth and delicious without being overly hoppy.

She drank: Bearface Lager, a sweeter flavor with a crisp finish that drinks very easily.

We stumbled upon Drygate while wandering around Glasgow one evening. I saw a mass amount of kegs in a shipping yard and figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out… Turns out, the shipping yard was actually for Tennent Caledonian Brewing, which is a very large brewing company that has a number of brands. So we got to hang out at the local spot while the big boys were working in the background. And let me say, I am SO glad we found this place!


The only unfortunate thing about our visit was that the upper beer bar area was closed for a private event. For Marshall Amps… So I guess it’s were the cool kids hang out. With that said, there were still a number of killer places to sit and enjoy some tasty brews. There are two patios that both offer ample seating and cover from the weather, which is fairly necessary considering it’s Scotland. I spent a good amount of time day dreaming about sitting out on the patio on one of the lucky sunny days and just watching time drift by.


Down in the brewhouse and restaurant you get an awesome atmosphere that is full of brick, wood, and metal with the perfect colorful accents. We sat in a corner booth with a great view of the brewery through their entire wall of windows. There are also enormous community tables, more private tables, and a bar area. The brewery viewing area was a wonderful place to sit as we got to enjoy watching a few of their brewers hard at work.


I was super excited just walking in to the space and seeing that they know how to make beer, so I was probably a little overwhelming to the bartenders, but they were absolutely wonderful to chat with. They answered every question I had and directed to the exact beers that we wanted.


I really loved the branding going on here as well, it was mostly very simple and clean, but every once in a while they threw something crazy at you. The logo of the seven peaks represents their roof line which, not surprisingly, has seven peaks and it’s so simple. Then they hit you with a beer like “Disco Forklift Truck Mango Pale Ale” (which is absolutely delicious by the way).


This crew doesn’t stop at great beer and awesome branding either… They offer a number of awesome events each month including special series beer releases and beer based comedy shows. On top of all that, they have a killer bottle shop built in where they sell beers from all over the world. If that doesn’t represent what beer culture is all about then I just don’t know what does.


Go here for:

  1. Really comfortable and friendly atmosphere

  2. Super solid beers and tons of options

  3. The location! It’s right next to Glasgow Cathedral and The Necropolis

If you go here, stay near by because the neighborhood has a ton of things to offer all based around food and drink.

I absolutely loved this place and was really happy to find a spot that takes beer culture to heart like they do. It’s all about having fun and promoting everyone around and they nailed it. I’ll be back.