Migration Brewing

Migration Brewing

Welcome to the first ever Positive Brew Dude blog post! Thanks for dropping by, I hope you find something in here helpful or, at the very least, entertaining. For now I'll be running a format to showcase the brew pub and tell a little about the beers. If you want to see anything change please feel free to drop a comment or message me!


Migration Brewing: 2828 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232

I drank: Constructeur Pale Ale, a solid and enjoyable pale, in the fashion that pale ales are supposed to be made.

She drank: Proper Pilsner, drinks just like the name, proper.

While this isn't their actual production brewing facility, the Glisan location offers a great combination of local accessibility, comfort, and quality. The patio at this spot is excellent! It's right on Glisan so there is plenty of entertaining people watching, but also offers a nice community feel with big tables and open spaces. You can generally find a few dogs roaming around which is always a bonus.


There are two large garage doors that open up to the interior of the pub where you'll find a tidy sitting area with tables and a bar. They have a couple TV's up and play local sports as often as possible (they even offer happy hour prices during Blazers and Timbers games). Toward the back of the pub there is a dart board that has clearly seen a number of terrible players, so don't feel bad if your aim isn't perfect.


Once you're up to the bar you will see a selection of Migration beers that spans the taste of most people, from solid IPA's to Lagers and Stouts. Not a fan of beer? They'll forgive you, and even offer a limited cocktail list using higher end liquor, you won't find any $5 well drinks here, just the good stuff! Key thing to note: they run counter service, so don't sit down and expect someone to come wait on you. This is a great opportunity to stand up, stretch your legs, and meet some new people while you decide what to drink first.


Go here for:

  1. Blazers and Timbers games
  2. The amazing people and tasty brews

This is a great place to enjoy some solid beers and relax around excellent people. I hope you have as much fun at Migration as I always do!