Jed Bellefeuille

Culmination Brewing

Jed Bellefeuille
Culmination Brewing

Culmination Brewing: 2117 NE Oregon St, Portland

I Drank: On The Keller Rauch Marzen, a very lightly peated marzen that’s perfect on a crisp day.

Culmination is one of those breweries that is tucked back into an industrial area within a neighborhood. If you aren’t looking for it specifically, you just might miss it. Don’t miss it, trust me on this one. This crew is putting out some crazy good beers and doing a killer job of helping other breweries get their starts. That doesn’t even start on their food… I’ll get there.


This is another brewery that gives you the opportunity to see, hear, and smell your beer as it is being made. Sitting at any of the small community tables gives a great view into the brewery where you can watch the brewers making magic happen. I was there during brew day and that just adds a whole extra level to the experience of being at a brewery.


Thanks to the excellent guidance of the beertender that was working I settled on their “On The Keller”. It’s a good thing someone was there to help me decide because there are a whole mess of beers that piqued my interest. I don’t think there could have been a better choice for my day, it absolutely hit the spot! They aren’t just good at helping you pick beer though… He answered every annoying question I had and knew what he was talking about, nothing was faked here.


The taproom might be on the small side, but it has a great vibe, complementing the industrial feel with warm and organized comfort. I’m a huge fan of using wood to help bring warmth to an otherwise dark space and Culmination blends it in perfectly. Everything here was simple and made it very easy to feel like you belong.


Now, the food. The menu is small, which makes decisions easier, and still offers a little something for everyone. I couldn’t pass on a mushroom dip (y’all had me at oyster mushrooms and poblanos) and I’m so glad I didn’t! This sandwich was absolutely delicious, please try it.

On Sundays they do something wonderfully unique. Every week, the Jackfruit Kitchen comes in and serves up some killer vegan fare. Not vegan? Who cares, good food is still good food, and this food is goooooooooood. They also change their offering each week, so you’re going to try something new every Sunday!


The merch corner is much like their menu, small but has everything you need. They offer a nice selection of cans and bottles to go, but are also willing to fill growlers and crowlers. So when you find something you love, make sure to take a little home to share (or selfishly drink when nobody else is around like me).


There are no TVs here, which gives you a great chance to strike up a conversation with an employee, read a book, or just sit and relax. I loved being able to sit quietly and enjoy my delicious beer and out of this world sandwich without being tempted to look up at a screen.


Go here for:

  1. The variation of available styles

  2. To see the brewery at work

  3. To slow down and savor the joys of beer and food

I love going to Culmination to sit quietly and look out on the neighborhood through their giant windows. I also love bringing people here to try a new style of beer that isn’t always available anywhere else. You’re really going to enjoy Culmination no matter what you’re in the mood for, they’ll find you something perfect every time.