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Bridge 99 Brewery

Jed BellefeuilleComment
Bridge 99 Brewery
Bridge 99

Bridge 99 Brewery: 63063 Layton Ave, Bend

I drank: Intolerant IPA, a big, bitter IPA that really hits that West Coast hoppy profile.

She drank: NW Hoppy Lager, a really solid lager base with just the right amount of hop bitterness.

Bridge 99 is officially the closest brewery to our new place in Bend, so I was obviously excited to give it a try! A few of my good friends made suggestions of what beers to try so I obviously got distracted and didn’t try any of those… What I did have I was very pleased with and was really pumped on the Hoppy Lager.


Like I said, this is the closest brewery to our house, so it’s a pretty important one… The good news is that they really know how to make a first impression! The building is in a mixed area where there is a bunch of industrial space but also a bunch of residential space, they found a way to ride that industrial feel and make the brewery very inviting for residents. It helps that they have free popcorn… It’s like going to Les Schwab, but instead of buying expensive tires, you buy beer! (it’s way cheaper than tires…)

Bomb Betty Food Truck

While Bridge 99 doesn’t offer a food menu, they do always have a food truck on site. When we were there, the truck option was Bomb Betty, who is there Thursday through Saturday. If you like hot cheese and/or gravy on your food (who doesn’t!?!) then this is the food truck for you! On the other days, Monday through Wednesday, you’ll find El Buen Zason Del Mago who sling out all your Mexican food favorites.

Bridge 99 Brewing

A recent expansion has given the space a nice little lift with added outdoor seating and covered space with great heaters to keep your fresh air needs taken care of. The best part? Dogs are allowed in the covered area and outside, so you can have the pooch in the warmth with you. On behalf of almost everyone I know, please bring your dog.

Bridge 99 Beer

There are a couple TV’s throughout the taproom, so I’m sure it would be a solid spot to watch a good game. It would be especially fun if everyone in there was into the game because everything is bar height community seating, perfect for getting entirely too excited about sports with people you don’t know! Low key one of my favorite things to do…


If you happen to not care about the sports ball, that’s okay, there are a bunch of card games waiting just for you! In the better weather there are even some great outdoor games to keep everyone going. The majority of the people there at the time didn’t care about any games because they were all there with good sized groups and keeping each other entertained. It’s a really great spot for a little group to get together and hammer out some business or even just have a good time.

Bridge 99 Brewing

Go here for:

  1. the great community feel ( we shared a table with a couple we didn’t know and had a great time)

  2. down time, its just relaxed and comfortable

  3. free popcorn!

On a side note, I need to point out that the prices here are great! There are always some little specials running and the normal prices for beers aren’t way over the top like the trend seems to taking them. I really enjoyed this place for both the delicious beer and the wonderful people that were clearly welcomed. Be sure to make Bridge 99 part of your next brewery outing in Bend.