Jed Bellefeuille

Coalition Brewing

Jed Bellefeuille
Coalition Brewing

Coalition Brewing: 2705 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR

I drank: Pineapple Upside Pale Wheat, a super tasty pale using pineapple kush terpenes for flavoring (just a heads up, it doesn’t really taste like pineapple).

She drank: Certified Hazy IPA w/ CBD, a great beer on its own but with the addition of CBD in the beer.

I have met these guys a few times now and they are extremely passionate about the work they’re doing to infuse CBD into beer. They put a great deal of time and effort into making sure they are doing things the right way and it really shows in their quality. The beer industry is seeing a number of new brews using cannabis for flavor and effect, but these dudes are really making a name for themselves.


We came here on a beautiful and sunny summer day, so the patio was the perfect place to spend some time. There is ample seating outside of their little tap room that is located directly in the brewery. Having the taps that close to where the beer is being made really offers guests a cool opportunity to see the whole operation, from start to pour. If you are lucky, one of the brewers might be around to chat with, but any of the tap room employees can address the majority of your questions.

There wasn’t much in terms of food, but they offered the exact thing I needed at the time… Barbecue chips! There isn’t a much better pairing than chips and beer.


Like I mentioned before, they are doing a ton of work with cannabis infusions into their beers. It’s worth doing a little research on your own to better understand what is happening with the flavoring and effects with these infusions. There are two basic ideas happening, one is to infuse beers with CBD, or cannabidiol, which can offer a number of health benefits on its own. When it is infused with beer, it is meant to create an additional calming and relaxing effect. Don’t worry though, there is only a small amount of CBD per pint so it isn’t going to put you to sleep or anything.

The second practice is using the cannabis terpenes to help add flavor to the beers. This is a fun way of introducing people to the cannabis market without offering any of the side effects of cannabis (no high). Technically, there are terpenes in every plant and most of them are shared between types of plants, but Coalition is using isolated terpenes to really bring forward some of that flavor. A lot of breweries are looking to get that “dank” hop aroma and flavor, it’s just being done a little differently here.


They are working on a smaller system, so they have the opportunity to try new things on a regular basis, which I absolutely love! When we went they had just run of out of their most popular beer, Two Flowers, and replaced with the Certified Hazy. Courtney had the fun opportunity to get the very first pour! The folks working at the time were extremely helpful and were able to answer every question we had. They were also extremely friendly and had a killer 80’s playlist jamming the entire time.


Out on the patio there is a nice old set of corn hole to play. There is also some great people watching as you are only a block off one of the main streets through SE Portland. Keep an eye out for weird bikes and loads of dogs. Surprisingly, there is very little traffic going by so it’s pretty quiet on the patio, making it a great place to sit and chat. Oh, and there are twinkly lights.


Go here for:

  1. CBD and terpene infused beer

  2. The patio and atmosphere

  3. To learn something!

All in all, Coalition is offering something that few, if any, other breweries can. They are pushing a new idea and creating new styles on a regular basis, but doing in the right way. I can’t wait to see their influence on the beer scene keep progressing and helping others forge new paths.