Jed Bellefeuille

Crux Fermentation Project

Jed Bellefeuille
Crux Fermentation Project
Crux Fermentation

Crux Fermentation Project: 50 SW Division St, Bend

I drank: Battlestar, a one off version of their Cast Out IPA brewed with only Galaxy hops. So clean, simple, and delicious!

Anyone that knows me knows that I have always been a fan of Crux, so this opportunity was one I have really been looking forward to. I’ve had birthday adventures, math groups “study” sessions, met SO MANY dogs, and had countless great beers. Even this building holds memories for me, I used to deliver parts to the AAMCO that was there before Crux ever existed. Needless to say, I am a very big fan the work Crux has done over the years and am so impressed with everything they are still doing.

Crux Bend

First things first, big thanks to Jason for meeting me at the end of the day and hanging out for a while during my little fan girl moments!

If you don’t already know, Crux is pretty well known for their tasty IPA selection, big surprise that a Bend brewery is good at making IPA. However, they like to think that the “Crux Pilz” is their pride and joy, the one that can go anywhere and everyone can drink. Why? Well that’s because of where Crux really came from.

Back in the day, before craft beer really started to take off, Larry (the brewer and co-founder of Crux) brewed for a little company called Olympia. That experience lends itself to the pride of what it takes to really make a good pilsner, and experience really shows. Note: I am definitely not comparing Crux Pilz to Olympia. Sheesh.

Crux Brewing

Crux is in a pretty cool spot being that they are brewer owned and operated. That means they put the beer first. There are no gimmicks, no disappointments, and no messing around. Their goal is to always be innovative in a market that is constantly evolving. I appreciate that, while they are innovating, they aren’t going over the top with anything they make. All the beer that comes out of Crux has roots in tradition and it really shows.

Crux Fermentation Project

One of the more interesting things Crux is working on is their [BANISHED] Series, which delivers a plethora of barrel aged styles. Every release is something unique and simply spectacular! They aren’t just aging stouts in bourbon (they do still do that and it’s amazing) they’re rocking things like Freakcake, an Oud Bruin w/ Brettanomyces… Like, sure okay guys.


One of the great new things they are doing is getting their limited and new release beers out in 16oz cans, giving me even more access options for the tasty goodness. In case you somehow didn’t already know, they just recently released their IIPA Cruising Altitude in cans…


Earlier this year they put the finishing touches on a beautiful new expansion that drastically increased their sitting space inside, which is long overdue! When you go to Crux, expect it to be busy. But don’t think of busy as a bad thing, they have their system down and cruise people through lines. Not to mention, everyone that goes to Crux seems to be in a great mood which makes for an awesome public atmosphere.

Crux Brewing

No matter the weather, you’ll find people gathered in the giant yard just out the back door. There you’ll find two of the coolest fire pits ever made, tons of yard games, a couple food trucks (even though they have a really nice menu), and an ever entertaining array of pooches to meet! Above is a picture of my new friend Jabba celebrating his second birthday.


One last important thing to note: their happy hour is called Sun Downer. It happens the 30 minutes before and after sunset, which is perfect because they have a KILLER view of the mountains.


Go here for:

  1. Amazing beers in all styles

  2. the awesome outdoor space and fire pits

  3. sunset and doggos

I know I have a big soft spot for everything Crux does, but I really feel like there is something for everyone here. It may be busy most of the time, but the people are always having a good time and making new friends. Crux never disappoints.