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Immersion Brewing

Jed BellefeuilleComment
Immersion Brewing

Immersion Brewing: 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend, OR

I drank: The Altimate, a light and still slightly bready altbier with delicious caramel and a slight hop bitterness.

Immersion is a brewery that opened in Bend after we had moved to Portland, so I never really got to experience it in full… Until now! This crew is part of the up and coming “Box Factory” area of Bend, that is perched above the Old Mill. The whole area is ripe with good beer, great bars, and some of the best cider around as Immersion shares a wall with Avid Cider (formerly Atlas).


As you walk in to Immersion, the first things you see are beautiful wood finishes and bright open spaces. The big garage door at the front of the pub lets in a bunch of natural light during the day so it stays very bright and inviting. I’m a HUGE sucker for merch, and theirs is set up in just the right spot to distract a person like me… But it’s also good enough to keep me from getting trouble when I come home with a new hat!


Once you get past all the merch you’ll catch a peek of the main show of the brew pub, those big beatiful copper tanks! At the center of the pub, right behind the bar, rest a group of some of the most beautiful (and reflective) copper tanks I have ever seen. It’s really hard not to just stare at these bad boys and wonder who “gets” to clean them… I don’t want any part of that job, but somebody is doing it very well.


One of the absolute coolest things about this brewery is their Brew It Yourself program. They have all these little kettles set up for small groups to work with and create their very own beers, with the guidance of an actual pro. I love this idea because they’re making brewing accessible to people of any level. For around $200 you get to make a beer using one of their recipes and take home a 24 rack of 22oz bottles. The best part? You don’t have to clean up after yourself! Just remember that someone does so leave a good tip…


I just can’t get over the idea of spending a couple hours with good friends, making beer in a real brewery and not in a jenky garage or some dudes kitchen. Wooooooooooooooooorth iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.


Back to the pub! On the opposite side of the brewery there is some extra seating along with a chalk board that shows guests all the upcoming events and weekly deals. They also showcase some of their label and coaster art on the wall which lets you find some extra details you might not have seen before, like a deer holding a selfie stick…


The beer menu isn’t too big like a lot of places now, but still offers a really nice variety of styles. I mean, who even makes an altbier, much less a really good one!? If you also care about food, you’re in luck because they definitely know what they’re doing. Like tacos? Well you’re in luck because there is a taco menu. SMART.


Go here for:

  1. a super solid selection of beer styles

  2. close proximity to everything

  3. an inviting and in-depth brewery experience

I’m really about Immersion and some of the unique things they are doing. Not to mention I loved the experience I had there. Some of their upcoming events are sure things in my calendar and I cannot wait to hit up the Brew It Yourself experience (what a great birthday idea… if only my lovely wife were to see this). Be back soon!