Jed Bellefeuille

Sasquatch Brewing

Jed Bellefeuille
Sasquatch Brewing

Sasquatch Brewing Company: 2531 NW 30th Ave

I Drank: hairy knuckle nitro stout, smooth and dark with a delicious malt aroma

She Drank: New West Cider True Love, a balanced and sweet berry cider. (more on that in a bit)

I have heard a lot of good things about Sasquatch in the recent past, but hadn’t ever seen them anywhere. So we figured it was time we go try it for ourselves! Now, rolling up to their NorthWest location, you might think you’re in the completely wrong place as you drive through industrial areas and old mills… But don’t worry, you are right where you need to be! This crew has done a great job of working their way into old industrial buildings and maximizing their polished feel in with the rough old buildings.


Once you find your bearings and make it inside, you will be welcomed by a warm and comfortable tap house. If you are a fan of “twinkle lights” like Courtney is… Then you will feel right at home as the entire ceiling is covered in them, adding a soft lighting feature that adds to the coziness factor.


One of things I loved most about the taproom is how they incorporated the industrial area around them into the space. With high, open ceilings showing off the wood beams and the well used concrete floors, there is a great show of not only making do with what you have, but thriving in it.


Another great thing about their use of the space is that it offers an excellent view directly into the 15 barrel brewing system. This is something that is becoming more common in breweries as people are learning and taking more time to think about the beer they drink, and I absolutely love it! If you’re here during the day you can even sit and watch the brewers at work.


One thing I had absolutely no idea about is the fact that they also operate a cider company called New West Cider. The current production size for their cider is a whopping 90 barrels, so they are certainly putting the effort in. We only had time for one, but it was so tasty that I’ll be headed back specifically to try more ciders.


Adding to the overall ambiance of coziness and industry, there is a very large and beautiful mural on the far wall, providing a little something extra to look at when the brewery isn’t running. Not of fan of paint? There is always a nice little collection of board games to keep you occupied, again adding to that small and inviting feel.


While there are some can and bottles available at the tap room, they don’t have everything that’s on tap, so bring a growler with you or pick one up while you’re there. I suggest getting two so you can bring some cider home as well, it’s worth it.


Go here for:

  1. an intimate brewery feel

  2. the unique location

  3. not only great beer, but excellent cider

Sasquatch may be off the beaten path, but they aren’t that far off it. Take a little extra time some day and go see this amazing place. Bring some growlers and sip on some delicious brews and ciders while you enjoy the wonderful ambiance of a truly open brewery feel.