Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon Brewing: 24 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend

I drank: The SMB IPA, their new session IPA that was made for getting work done. This might be my new garage beer…

Silver Moon has come a LONG way from when they started almost 20 years ago and are really getting into their new groove. Long gone are the wanted poster style labels and brew shop vibes, the real brand is here and they have killer events and even better beer to go along with it!


Silver Moon is just getting ready to start celebrating their 20th year in business this next year and it’s awesome to see where they came from. Originally, things started off as a little home brew shop that had a small brewery in the back. As the brewery side started to pick up there was more investment made in the equipment. One of the best part of the tour was seeing how the original owner installed some of the equipment, some is completely backwards and other parts are in completely different parts of the building!

While the originally brewery is no longer used for production, it is constantly creating new experimental brews. When the Silver Moon crew is busting away, there is likely to be a newer and younger brewery using the facility to help get their own plans rolling. One of the things I love most about this industry is the willingness to collaborate with the “competition” to help them make it too!


Part of the reason for the recent success is the focus on creating high quality beers that help show off that new look brand. The “new” ownership (as of 5 years ago) is taking amazing strides to make great beer and find new ways to involve the community. With new line releases, like the experimental “Stellar” series and the small batch “Nova” series, Silver Moon is starting to make a new name for themselves. They have way more than just the old Snakebite!

The new SMB line is tagged as “Beer for doing stuff” and makes a great replacement for the yellow fizz that we all indulge in while doing garage work. This new line also opens opportunities to reach those people who still aren’t fully on board with all the bigger styles.


One of my favorite things going on here is the new appreciation for the local community, even as the brand continues to grow and expand their reach, they always want to take care of the community and give back. I popped in this yesterday to check out BINGO… I have never seen so many people so hyped about BINGO! It’s pretty awesome to win prizes (one guy won $800… he also instantly donated a really nice portion) but they also take this opportunity to raise money for local non-profits. In the short time I was there, almost $3,000 were raised for Deschutes County Search and Rescue, how freaking awesome is that!?

If benefitting mountain rescue isn’t your thing then check out the F* Cancer line of beers they put out every year. All the proceeds for these releases go to different cancer foundations and, this year, you can even get it in cans!


Okay… Last thing about events. They had a beer and cigar pairing! How fun is that!? Whether you want to play trivia or catch a drag show, Silver Moon is really the spot to be! Check out their event calendar and I’ll see you there:


So, how about the beer? It’s freaking delicious. From the tasty DerryBerry, a raspberry sour, to the Best of Craft silver medal winning IPA 97, there is something for everyone and it’s all good. You can always grab beers to go or find the goods in a number of stores in 9, yes 9, states! The barrel aging program is coming along nicely too, so keep an eye out for new releases. For the non-beer folks, don’t worry, there are plenty of cocktails available including giant mimosas and DIY bloody mary’s (but only on Sundays for BINGO).


The new patio is going to be killer this summer, but for now, the indoor space is fresh, clean, and very comfortable. Hanging out on the edge of downtown Bend presents great beer opportunities, but you may just get stuck at Silver Moon.


Go here for:

  1. The amazing events! Try everything and show up early.

  2. Ever improving and progressing beers styles

  3. That big, beautiful patio!

I have to throw a quick shout out to Adam for taking time out of his day to tell me stories, let me nerd, and have plenty of laughs! Outside of the great beer and awesome events, the staff here is incredible, always happy and always helpful. This was an awesome opportunity to learn about a company that has been around for most of my life but I never really appreciated. Silver Moon blew me away.